Depending on your knowledge, skills and interests, you can help us preserve the environment of the Cedar Lakes watershed. Volunteers have a special place in the Association! Maybe you can be a Board Member or participate in clean-ups, trail patrols or communication tasks such as updating the website or recruiting members—the APLC always accepts the help of generous volunteers!

List of volunteer opportunities

Member of the Board of Directors

You may be interested in joining the Board of Directors of the Association. The nomination of new members of the Board of Directors must be signed by two members of the nominating committee and presented to the Secretary of the Association at least one week before the Annual General Meeting. Get in touch with the Secretary if you are interested.

Get in touch with the Secretary if you are interested.

Interested? Contact:

Pierre Cardinal

Resource person for the Board of Directors
Membership recruitment campaign
Editorial committee Facebook page
Waste collection
Organization of fundraising activities