APLC has a single membership fee of $20! We wish to encourage the greatest number of people who use our lakes to become members. We can then inform them of the best practices that protect the environment of our lakes. We encourage you to learn about the advantages of membership below. 

Everyone who uses the watershed of the Cedar Lakes and who wishes to protect it and our lakes can be a member of the Association. That includes cottage owners, their family members, their friends and their renters, as well as all those who use the watershed of the Cedar Lakes for recreational or for professional activities.

We encourage each member of each family to become individual members and for each member to provide the Association with their contact information so that we can keep you informed about issues related to the protection of our lakes.

Please take the time to learn about our Projects and Achievements in order to understand the positive impacts that your membership supports.

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If you wish to join off-line you can download the membership form and send it to us at Lacsdescedres@gmail.com

Advantages of membership

  • You will be part of a community of people who care about the environment of the Cedar Lakes and belong to an association whose goal is the protection of the Cedar Lakes’ watershed
  • If you own property on the Petit or the Grand Lac des Cèdres, then the value of your property is directly linked to the quality of the environment.  Being a member is yet another way to protect your investment.
  • You will be supporting the activities of specialists involved in the surveillance and monitoring of activities in our watershed that might  negatively affect the environment. Problems—actual and potential—are quickly brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities. APLC is engaged with various regional, provincial and federal organizations and authorities in order to access services and assistance to protect the watershed of the Cedar Lakes.
  • You will receive the Association’s electronic bulletin, which includes details of APLC’s activities and the highlights of our efforts to protect the lakes.
  • You will receive regular results of tests of our lakes’ water quality and reports on the flora and fauna around our lakes.
  • You will have access to research that deals with our area, including the inventory of rare plants, the propagation of invasive species, etc.
  • You will be able to speak with our specialist partners, if available, who deal with things such as the control of beavers.
  • As a member of the Association you will be notified of and invited to attend our Annual General Meeting. If you are unable to attend the AGM, then you can receive the interim report of the meeting.
  • All property owners who are members of the Association have the right to vote on matters dealt with at the AGM